Here's a trailer for Something Borrowed, Gawker's one-time favorite movie, a romantic comedy about a girl being forever thwarted by Kate Hudson. We can relate!

It's not that Kate Hudson has long ago squandered any likability she earned from her well-edited performance in Almost Famous eleven years ago, it's just that... Well, yes, actually she has. She's not untalented, except when it comes to picking movies. It's almost as if she just enjoys getting paid millions of dollars to wear pretty clothes and say forgettable lines and go home to her New York house every night for a few months. Weird!

Anyway, this movie looks easy breezy, with pretty New York locales, the affably annoying John Krasinski, and soap opera actor Colin Egglesfield, a handsome man who has that dinosauric, Tom Cruise-y wide, flat, sloped brow look. Who cares really what it's about. (The basic question seems to be: Will Ginny Goodwin pick John, or Colin? I think we're rooting for John?) It's mindless blobbery, good for a hungover Sunday. (Or Friday, as the case may be. Ughhhhh.) Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. After all, that isn't the Kate Hudson way.