Inevitably, Justin Bieber has inflamed both the left and the right with his controversial Rolling Stone interview. Will Bieber become the latest casualty of our never-ending culture wars?

Justin Bieber's apparent disapproval of abortion (because "it's like killing a baby") even in the case of rape (because "everything happens for a reason") prompted the liberal ladies of ABC's The View to lash out: Joy Behar said Bieber's comments were "really insulting to people who have been raped or victims of incest. There is no 'reason' for that." Ah, just a few short months ago Bieber had the hosts and the entire studio audience of The View melting like a Snickers left on the hood of a minivan in the summer sun.

And on the Right, ultra-Christian advocacy group Focus on the Family took issue with Bieber's stance on abstinence. Bieber told Rolling Stone that "I don't think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them." Wrong answer! Focus' Chad Hill urged all Christians to pray for Bieber's purity:

Bieber's only a kid, and he's being swept directly into the center of the extremely profane, hyper-sexualized, violent and self-indulgent culture of R&B. Moreover, Justin's being "mentored" by the very crude and sexually explicit R&B icon, Usher.

Yes, Usher is at this very moment dousing Bieber in Cristal at an Atlanta strip club, along with his own two toddler-aged sons. Bieber doesn't need any more prayers, given that he is shown praying about a dozen times in his 3D movie, he's got a song called Pray, and his born-again mom's Twitter account is a "greatest hits" of Bible verses.

All of this political posturing will not affect the millions true Beliebers one iota, who themselves are closer in age to the fetuses everyone's fighting about than political beings. Bieber's jilted the extreme Right and the extreme Left, but still boasts diehard support from his strong base. He's progressive in his support of government-run healthcare, but socially conservative. The Mitt Romney of pop stars. Bieber for President 2016?

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