Popular Mechanics has a feature this month called "Confessions of an Apple Store Employee," wherein an employee dishes about life in an Apple store. One thing stuck out: Apple stores are apparently swarming with drug dealers. Said the anonymous Apple store employee:

We get a lot of drug dealers who try to buy iPhones with fake IDs. You can tell them instantly just by how shady they act, and they know you know, but you obviously can't start accusing them of being drug dealers-they are customers, after all. But when they try to check out, they'll use what are obviously fake IDs or fake credit cards, and it often turns out they're using a dead person's Social Security number or something. And when you call them out on that-then, they run.

A lot of drug dealers are buying iPhones? But we learned from The Wire that all drug dealers use prepaid phones. At most, you'd think a drug dealer would have maybe a Blackberry. And how does this employee know every sketchy person is a drug dealer and not, say, a serial arsonist, or a mob boss? There must be some drug-dealing app that all the dealers use.

The rest of the "confessions" are about as titillating as you might expect. There are no tales of Feist-powered orgies in the storage room, no employees sneaking boogers into the iPhones of customers they don't like. But drug dealers! This is the most interesting thing we've heard about Apple stores since that elaborate conspiracy theory that posited Apple stores were populated by actors pretending to be customers.

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