It's time for all the designers, models, and assorted hangers on to finally head home and get over the constant champagne buzz of New York Fashion Week. Yes, today is the final day of the festivities, and we're still bringing you the best images of the day, like this model at Elie Tahari, who does not want to be messed with. [Image via Getty]

Isaac Mizrahi died poodles to match his outfits for his runway show today. No one called PETA. [Image via Getty]

Allegri festooned the courtyard at Lincoln Center with a ton of floating umbrellas for their presentation. Luckily it didn't rain. [Image via Getty]

Calvin Klein squeezed his tiny models through a tiny doorway for his show. [Image via AP]

Marchesa brought some glamour of the Hollywood variety to New York. [Image via Joe/Billy Farrell Agency]

It was all about the neckline at Ralph Lauren. [Image via Getty]

No one does Fashion Week like the homosexuals. Just ask some of my favorites, Cator Sparks, Patrick McDonald, Patrick Duffy, and the only queen in this picture I've never met. [Image via Getty]

The Jersey Shore's Sammi Sweetheart did not impress her seatmate at Bebe. [Image via Getty]

The Blondes were all about glittery red-headed wigs at their signature over-the-top runway show. [Image via Alexander Porter/Billy Farrell Agency