All 14 of Wisconsin's Democratic Senators have fled the state to deny Republicans a vote on their union-busting budget proposal, and to hide from Wisconsin police. Gov. Scott Walker has asked to please return to work, damnit. But where are they? Some generic motel in Illinois? Yes!

Wisconsin ABC affiliate WISN reports that "some of the missing Wisconsin state senators are at the Clock Tower Resort and Conference Center in Rockford, Ill." NBC affiliate TMJ claims that they're all there. Now before you go UGH, A RESORT!, try googling for this fine Illinois establishment. "Resort" takes a bit of poetic license. It's a freaking Best Western. (Although there is an indoor "water park," for children!) It is not a grand Victorian hotel on a Great Lakes island, reachable only by ferry. They should have gone to one of those and played golf in the snow. I mean, they've already fled the state, why not live it up? But it's their call, if they want to live like traveling salesmen instead of fugitive senators.

[via WISN reporter Nick Bohr, image via AP]

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