The Russian space programs ground specialists may soon have uniforms designed by Anna Chapman, the sexiest—and therefore the best—of the 10 Russian spies arrested and deported last year. Or at least, funded by her—details, like Chapman herself, are sketchy—according to astronaut Sergei Krikalev:

"Chapman told me that she intends to participate in designing clothing for the Khrunichev [Space] Center, in what capacity, designer or financially, she did not specify," Krikalev said. "As for me, I said we're going to do something similar for the [Gagarin] Astronauts Training Center, and Anna Chapman immediately expressed her desire to participate," he continued adding that further details have not yet been discussed.

But! It does allow us to add another item on the "List of Things Anna Chapman Has Done Since Being a Spy":

You know, in the old days, spies retired to remote cottages, where they wore sweaters and had dogs and were were eventually tracked down by shady government operatives for "one last mission" involving an assassination or something. But Chapman is keeping so busy! I hope she has time to do a good job on these uniforms.

[RIA Novosti; image via AP]