Turns out the Nazis were watching 3-D movies years before Americans were. According to the Guardian, Australian filmmaker Philippe Mora recently uncovered two 3-D propaganda films that date to 1936:

The first of the films, titled So Real You Can Touch It, features shots of sizzling stereoscopic bratwursts on a barbecue while the second, named Six Girls Roll Into Weekend, features actors Mora believes were probably stars from Germany's top wartime studio, Universum Film.

Coincidentally, So Real You Can Touch It and Six Girls Roll Into Weekend are also the titles of the Third Reich's favorite pornos. Mora came across the 3-D flicks while working on a documentary about Nazi propaganda. [Guardian via A.V.Club, image of Nazi director Leni Riefenstahl, whom Tarantino once called "the best director who ever lived," filming the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin via AP]