It was only a year ago that mini blog mogul Dan Abrams and Men's Health editor and serial plagiarist Dave Zinczenko signed on as investors in The Lion, a new downtown Manhattan "hot spot" that aspired to be the next Waverly Inn: a place where media people and minor celebrities go to hang out, and brag about it the next day. How's that going?

According to the New York Observer, it is not going well! Apparently some other investors in the restaurant feel that the dynamic duo were doing too much press and generally treating the restaurant as "theirs." Spats! Backbiting! Anonymous accusations! And, best of all, this dismissal from the very man they're trying to emulate, Vanity Fair and Waverly Inn boss Graydon Carter:

"Every time I see them-and they seem to travel everywhere together-I can't help but think of those two brothers from A Night at the Roxbury."

Ooooooooooo. And Graydon is not about to let the two brothers from Night at the Roxbury beat him at his own game. Graydon himself may have another power move in store: Gatecrasher says that he may be getting ready to take over Elaine's, the Midtown media haunt of choice whose eponymous proprietress passed away in December.

Think of the setup: on one side, the old media, represented by Graydon Carter (magazines), the Waverly (magazine big shots), and Elaine's (soused newspaperpersons); on the other side, the media, represented by Abrams (blog mogul) and Zinczenko (magical "brand" mogul) and The Lion (slightly younger but equally haughty media types). On both sides: near-lethal levels of self-importance.

Battle Royale!

[NYO. Photo: Getty]