The "Good Old Days" in America, when White Sue and Pale Johnny only viewed their nearest city's urban hellscape through the windows of a speeding SUV as they drove back to the suburbs after watching the big ballgame are over. Consider America's ongoing demographic trends: the evolution of suburbs into slums; the migration of black Americans from Northern cities back to the South; every god damn 22 year-old who's ever strummed an acoustic guitar moving to Austin. The writing is on the wall. And now, the data has confirmed what we all feared: America's cities are full of white kids.

The number of white children is growing in several large urban centers where the cost of living is high...

And although the overall child population is declining in pricey cities such as San Francisco and New York's Manhattan, the areas are seeing an uptick in young whites. Other urban centers such as Denver, Washington, Arlington, Va., and Brooklyn, N.Y., also are seeing increases.

Welcome to post-racial America! Black people are fleeing Chicago by the tens of thousands, as the city is engulfed by idealistic young whites hoping to make friends with the Next Barack Obama. Eventually, of course, the laughably paltry reproduction rates of white families will cause this trend to peter out. But for now, America's cities must come to terms with the fact that they have a White Kid Problem.

[USAT. Photos: Claire Evans/Flickr, sarahheiman/Flickr]