Want to break into the competitive world of fashion, be relocated to New York, and get health insurance, a good salary, and a generous clothing allowance? All you have to do is impress Marc Jacobs on Twitter and you can be his professional Twitter slave.

Marc Jacobs president Robert Duffy has been manning the @MarcJacobsIntl Twitter account until he announced he wasn't doing it anymore a couple days ago. But who will entertain the brand's 92,785 followers (and presumably help sell more overpriced frocks)?

One of their dear followers of course. Duffy told the masses to @-reply to the account with something clever and they'll call people in for an interview to run the Twitter account and oversee company's social media efforts.

The gig entails following around Duffy and Jacobs and tweeting about it. Yes, that means going to their shows, traveling around the globe, and hanging out with lots of fancy fashion people without your eyes ever leaving a Blackberry. Initially it looks like the quality of the response isn't very high. What were they expecting? They should have gotten someone with a master's in Twitter Studies if they really wanted amazing dispatches in 140 characters or less.

[via Out Magazine, Image via Getty]