Where does one go after a career spent writing jokes for Jay Leno? One goes to Omaha. To write a humor column in the Omaha World-Herald. A column called "Breaking Brad." Ladies and gentlemen: meet Brad Dickson.

On Valentine's Day a lot of people walk around feeling giddy and full of love. Except Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle. He gets that way on tax day...

An MSNBC website ranks Omaha's drinking water among the 10 worst cities in the country. There may be something to it. The other day I turned on the tap and three zebra mussels rolled out.

Because it's an MSNBC site the poor quality of Omaha's drinking water is blamed on congressional Republicans ...
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas just visited Nebraska. He interviewed for an opening coaching Husker linebackers.

It's reported that Warren Buffett attended the Super Bowl. He had to take a second job to afford the tickets.

The Omaha Storm Chasers' season opener is in 61 days. If you hope to find the stadium in time for the first pitch you'd better leave tomorrow.

Ladies and gentlemen, these bizarre, disconnected, Nebraska-centric one-liners are just a small portion of the many, many bizarre, disconnected Nebraska-centric one-liners that make up former Jay Leno writer Brad Dickson's newspaper humor column. His very real newspaper humor column. Best thing on the Internet? Best thing on the Internet.

[Omaha World-Herald via Romenesko. Photo via Facebook]