Lady Gaga arrived at the Grammys tonight inside of a translucent cocoon, carried on a litter by a troupe of shirtless gogo dancers. There was absolutely nothing remarkable about this. In fact, bystanders were surprised that the usually flamboyant Lady Gaga chose to wear such a run-of-the-mill outfit on the red carpet.

"It's like she just picked up the first translucent cocoon she saw lying on the bedroom floor and threw it on," said one disappointed bystander. "I basically wore the same thing to my dentist appointment yesterday."

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lady Gaga spoke with Ryan Seacrest through the egg. We weren't there, but here's how we imagine that conversation went.

RYAN SEACREST: Lady Gaga, I can't help but notice you decided to tone things down this year with an understated translucent egg and just four male gogo dancer attendants. What happened to the outrageous outfits your fans know and love?

LADY GAGA: I'm just so sick of all the attention my clothes get. I want to be judged by my art! And believe it or not, Ryan, dressing up all the time gets pretty old. Can't a girl just wear a nice, comfortable egg cocoon thing once in a while?

Sources tell us Lady Gaga is the front-runner for Entertainment Tonight's "Most Normal Outfit" award. Lady Gaga continues to push the boundaries of keeping a low profile and shunning all media attention.

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