Mayor Mike said yesterday that the NYPD won't be used to enforce the city's new ban on smoking at public beaches and in parks. So who will be monitoring the air quality of New York's public spaces? The concerned citizens of New York, that's who!

Bloomberg was speaking to a caller yesterday on his radio show about the new law, which will carry a $50 fine, and had this to say:

"This is going to be enforced by public pressure. [...] Mainly it's just everybody's going to turn to you and say, 'Hey, you shouldn't be smoking.' And you know, most people listen."

Oh, sure. Here's a mild version of what we imagine will be repeated many times across the city this summer:

"Excuse me, but would you please extinguish your cigarette? Besides being gross, it's against the law to smoke here, you know."

"Fuck you. Mind your own business, asshole."


The end.

[NYDN; image via AP]