In another exploitive adventure into the twisted world of those that are Strangely Addicted, we met Josh: a glass-eating comedian. Your skin will crawl with the shivers of one million chalkboards being scratched by one million acrylic nails.

[There was a video here]

To be exact, Josh has eaten about 250 light bulbs, 100 champagne glasses, and countless .22 caliber bullets. Surprisingly, his friends still complain when he stands in front of the TV and they still can't see through him. Get it? Because he reallydid eat glass for breakfast. Take that, Mom.

Josh likes to use his stomach of steel as a party trick, meaning he consumes the most glass when in front of a group. That's right, it is plausible that Josh is doing this for attention. To be fair, hearing him admit that attention is fueling the fire of his addiction was a mature and extremely self-aware statement for someone who compulsively eats glass. But yes, big shocker. Attention is the great reason behind the mystery of this addiction.

All joking aside though, Josh's addiction is damaging and incredibly scary for his loved ones. After a visit to the doctor during which he learns that his life is in fact in danger, Josh resolves to get help. According to the show's "Where Are They Now" follow-up, Josh is on his way to recovery. He has drastically cut down on the glass and has only consumed one champagne glass since the visit with Doc. We're pulling for you Glass Man!

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