New York is full of actresses right now, some of them relaxing, others working. But all of them, as we've interpreted from these paparazzi photos, are thinking about Ashton Kutcher. First up is Natalie Portman who, while waiting for a cab, remembers what it was like filming No Strings Attached. [Splash]

Meanwhile, Kristen Bell, filming the Showtime pilot House of Lies, remembers what it was like watching No Strings Attached. [Bauer-Griffin]

On the set of future world's worst movie New Year's Eve, Katherine Heigl dejectedly wishes Ashton Kutcher would say yes to Killers 2. [Splash]

On the set of I Don't Know How She Does It Sarah Jessica Parker suddenly freezes, thinking she's heard that Ashton Kutcher is in town...

...and hightails it the hell outta there. [Both SJPs Bauer-Griffin]