What's the Mafia controlling these days? Well, Sicilian tomatoes, for one thing. But also, nudie pics of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, according to loudmouthed paparazzo Fabrizio Corona.

Corona (pictured left), a photographer and "media personality," told an Italian TV program that the Camorra mafia, based in Naples, has been shopping sexual photos of Berlusconi around to various magazines. The Daily Telegraph writes:

"Representatives from a big weekly magazine went to Naples to buy photos of Berlusconi from the underworld," he told an Italian television programme.

He said there were nude pictures of the Italian prime minister, but later appeared to backtrack, saying none of the images were "obscene".

Well, maybe in Italy nude photos don't count as "obscene"? Berlusconi is likely to be indicted any minute now for soliciting an underage prostitute known as "Ruby, Stealer of Hearts" to engage in, yes, an "erotic game known to participants as Bunga Bunga." If the Camorra actually has his nudes, The Telegraph speculates, they could have leaked out through "one of two twin showgirls in Mr Berlusconi's circle," who lives in Naples with a boyfriend suspected of having mafia ties.

Corona, for his part, was recently convicted of using sexy photos to blackmail celebrities. Italy! What a country.

[Telegraph; images via Getty]