Even an online cesspool has limits. Ali Saad now says "I got fucked for" visiting 4chan's notorious /b/ message board, but his talk of going on a shooting spree at his Michigan community college probably better explains his FBI arrest.

Saad, 19, says he wasn't serious when he wrote in a Nob. 27 message that he could set a record for most victims in a school shooting spree: "10:45 am, turn laptop to face 500+ students, pull out ak47 I got from gun show and unleash mayhem." Two separate 4chaners reported the incident to the FBI—they're not all outlaws!—then 4chan.org handed over access records, and Saad got a visit from FBI agents, to whom he admitted making the posts while denying any intent to shoot anyone. In other words, it was a joke.

Oh, he also supposedly had 25 child porn images that he says he downloaded from 4chan. And he also claims to have only discovered the site one week before making the threats, "and I got fucked for it." Sure, go ahead and blame this on /b/ and potentially start a new fight. Another wise decision, surely!

[Image of Saad via The Smoking Gun]