Well, we called it. Craig Rowin, the New York City comedian who claimed he got $1 millionaire just for asking for it in a YouTube video, has posted a new video revealing it was all a hoax.

"And not a very funny one," gripes the Daily News, which is feeling pouty because it fell for this extremely obvious prank. Above, you can watch Rowin burning up the check from the supposed millionaire on stage at the UCB Theatre in Manhattan last night, followed by a behind-the-scenes clip that reveals the millionaire was an actor and everything was a sham.

On the one hand, straight-up lying repeatedly to a bunch of people—half of whom don't even believe you—is not a very exciting prank. Apparently anyone can just call up a Daily News reporter and get an article written about them by lying! But can we blame Craig Rowin for the fact that many people operate according to toddler-level logic, which allows them to believe that millionaires walk around handing out $1 million checks to random comedians? Comedians who write jokes for a living?