Whinging tabloid attack kitten Andrea Peyser really hates the gays. And she really hates the Muslims. But sometimes, life presents her with a situation in which she can't hate both at the same time. Who does she hate more?

In her column today, Andrea Peyser, a lady who hates the gays—this is the super funny part—criticizes the Muslims, for hating the gays! One of the imams affiliated with the "Ground Zero Mosque" said that homosexual feelings could be due to abuse. Nothing makes Andrea Peyser madder than this!

Gay Muslim filmmaker Parvez Sharma (who clearly spends his time in America) said, "I don't agree with the imam, but I think what he said is progress. Usually, from the Muslim orthodoxy, you are prepared to listen to very strong words of condemnation."

This is tolerance?

This is tolerance? LOL.