Hundreds of commuters were trapped in Chicago overnight Tuesday due to the snow. Passengers aboard one bus ended up panicking and tried to escape on foot, only to be beaten back by the storm. They probably had this maniacal driver.

From the AP:

With so little information out there, motorists said the mood slipped from jovial to apprehensive and even to panic.

"The bus driver kept yelling,' We are all gonna die,'" said Ron Nelson, a 51-year-old salesman who was on a bus bound for a northern neighborhood where he lives. It wasn't clear if the driver was joking and "nobody thought it was funny," Nelson said at a hospital, where he was taken.

Hilarious joke! We're just spit-balling, but here are three things that would have probably been better for the bus driver to yell than "We are all gonna die":

  • 1. "Only some of us are going to die."
  • 2. "I can't wait to have some soup."
  • 3. Anything other combination of words.