CNN laid hands on some internal FBI documents rounding up the Bureau's disciplinary actions since 2008. Guess what? Putting your wife in the hospital gets a 45-day suspension, but fudging an expense report or smoking marijuana gets you fired.

The FBI helpfully collects all the disciplinary actions—suspensions, terminations, etc.—adjudicated by its Office of Professional Responsibility and sends them out to employees as a sort of warning. CNN recently obtained some of the synopses of OPR cases, and it sounds like G-Men have all the fun—like making sex tapes with your reporter girlfriend, looking up the criminal records of "hot" celebrities in confidential databases, and getting high.

But it turns out that the FBI has some strange priorities, letting agents slide with a suspension when they start screwing a confidential source and jeopardizing investigations and bringing the hammer down when they lie about expenses. (It's good to know, though, that screaming "Rodney King!" out your car window at a traffic stop, losing control of your vehicle, and almost running over a police officer—as one FBI employee did—will still cost you your job in the bureau.

Here are some hilarious hijinks that didn't result in termination:

Punching a nurse:

Throwing a phone at your wife, causing medical injury:

Selling illegal firearms:

Searching for dirt on "hot" celebrities:

"Extensive and repeated" sexual contact with an informant:

And here's what will get you fired:


Faking taxi expenses:

Smoking pot:

Sharing confidential information with your girlfriend and threatening to release your sex tape when you break up:

Screaming "Rodney King!" at cops making a traffic stop and almost running them over:

You can read all the FBI documents here (pdf). [Photo via Shutterstock.]