His mansion is apparently packed full of junk. These co-stars were snorting lines at an awards show, this reality star is addicted to pills, this actor is a drunk, and this actress can't stop the laxatives. Everyone's addicted to something!

1. "This former A list movie actor. I mean he was A+ not that far back in the day is in talks to be the first celebrity on Hoarders. You cannot even get into his house despite the fact even Camille [Grammar] would think it was large." [CDaN]

2. "At a recent awards show, these two co-stars in a nominated film were absent from their chairs because they were doing lines of coke in a nearby bathroom stall." [BuzzFoto]

3. "This former Hills star, or at least she thought she was, is spending what is left of her money on her Oxycontin habit. Guess that pain was too much to handle." [CDaN]

4. "Which television diva who brags nonstop about her svelte body is secretly addicted to laxatives?" [P6]

5. "We were genuinely surprised to find out that this actor in a successful television series has a bit of a bottle problem. He steadies himself in the morning with a nip before work, and then sips on vodka throughout the day. He shows up on time and knows his lines, so there is nothing the show's producers can do at this point, but a couple of members of the cast have noticed that his balance gets a bit wobbly as the day goes on. It's still pretty far from a Charlie-Sheen-like situation, but his friends are concerned that problems at home could cause the situation to escalate." [Blind Gossip]

6. "Which high-profile society beauty was set up with her new boyfriend by a 'fixer' paid by rich New York men to find them beautiful girlfriends?" [P6]

7. "Which A-list actress is trying to smear her ex by spreading rumors about him watching gay porn?" [P6]