Today at Gawker.TV, Fox and Friends is up in arms over a British Superman, Adam Scott hates working with attractive people, Katy Perry promotes her appearance on HIMYM, and Justin Bieber says the word "like" like, a lot.

Watch How I Met Your Mother's SNL-Style Promos With Katy Perry
Katy Perry will guest star on How I Met Your Mother next week—just in case you hadn't already been told a million times already. She's rumored to play a love interest of Ted's, yet in all of the publicity stills is with Neil Patrick Harris.

Adam Scott Complains About Working With Attractive People
On Late Night, Adam Scott talks his depression over working with A-list hotties like Megan Fox and Rob Lowe. What would seem like an escape to a smoking hot paradise is like being "covered in diarrhea" to Adam.

Fox and Friends Reacts to a British Superman, Brian Kilmeade Blames America
Fox & Friends talked about the newest actor to play Superman in a movie and—gasp—he's a Brit! As they delve deeper into this issue they realize that both Batman and Spiderman are played by British actors, too.

SKINS Teenagers Continue to be Unlikeable Despite Their Tragic Pasts
You heard it last night: house music throbbing through your walls, wild shrieks coming from the street, the sound of clothing being shed. "It's the teenagers," you thought to yourself.

How Many Times Can Justin Bieber Say "Like" In an Interview?
In a recent interview on The Tonight Show, Justin Bieber said the word "like" a whopping 63 times. 63 times! In an 11-minute interview. That averages to about once every 11 seconds. This is what our youth looks up to?