Egyptian state television has been blasting reports about the looting and other mayhem caused by crazy chaotic protesters with no sense of decency. They vandalized ancient artifacts and released prisoners, these monsters. But how many of them are secret police?

This isn't to say that all of Egypt's looters — who are very few in relation to the number of protesters — are agents of the regime. But plenty of them are! And who let out all of those prisoners anyway? The Washington Post reports:

Peter Bouckaert, the emergency director at Human Rights Watch, said hospitals confirmed that they received several wounded looters shot by the army carrying police identification cards. They also found several cases of looters and vandals in Cairo and Alexandria with police identification cards. He added that it was "unexplainable" that thousands of prisoners escaped from prisons over the weekend.

"Mubarak's mantra to his own people was that he was the guarantor of the nation's stability. It would make sense that he would want to send the message that without him, there is no safety," Bouckaert said.

He added that "inmates in a large jail between Cairo and Alexandria, where about 8000 are believed to have escaped, said that their warders had opened the doors."

Note that these false flag tactics didn't stop anything, what with the several million people in Cairo's streets today.

[Image via AP]