Laser-eyed managementspeak cult guru Seth Godin has done it again: he's Unleashed the Idea Virus of Purple Cow Meatball Sundaes. No, wait; we mean he's now working without a traditional publisher. Will the unbearable book business ever be the same?

Godin, having definitively proven that his cult followers will happily buy any repackaged book of marketing platitudes no matter how ridiculous the title, has ditched his regular publisher in favor of a partnership with Amazon which allows him to widely distribute his newest book, Poke the Box, a pornographic novel. Oh—scratch that, it's just about "the need for individuals to show initiative."

Behold the revolutionary business lessons divined by Seth Godin:

"One of the things we know is that people who bought 'Linchpin' sometimes bought multiple copies," said Mr. Godin in an interview Monday, adding: "Traditional publishers don't know this because they don't sell to consumers, they sell to bookstores."

No wonder the publishing industry's not doing so well: they never considered the possibility that people might buy more than one copy of a book. They obviously didn't read The Big Moo! Amirite? Moooooo!

[WSJ. Photo: Erik Charlton]