As if Wall Street's hardworking bankers didn't have enough to worry about, now the FBI is warning them that they're the subject of terrorist threats. Extremely vague terrorist threats.

NBC New York says that over the past few weeks, law enforcement agencies have been briefing banks on this new, terrifying terror threat. What kind of threat? Well, let's see: it's "general in nature." But a terror blogger did write about "targeting financial sites." And Al Qaeda wrote about the same thing in its magazine. And, scariest of all, "officials fear the names of some top banking executives have been discussed by terror operatives overseas."

TERRORIST 1: Man, you know who I'd like to be? Jamie Dimon. That guy is so rich.
TERRORIST 2: What about Lloyd Blankfein? Even better. That guy is living the life, totally.
TERRORIST 3: I would convert to Christianity just to spend one weekend in Vikram Pandit's apartment. Talk about tasteful luxury.

If you hear anyone in the Middle East mention Wall Street, notify the FBI at once.

[NBC New York, photo via AP]