Officers from the NYPD's Emergency Service Unit have a tough job, taking on some of the most dangerous assignments in New York. But if the last three months are any indication, some of them could use a little gun training.

Just last week, an ESU officer shot and injured a Bronx man, Alberto Colon while they were searching for his son, an alleged drug dealer. The officer who shot him was trying to turn the flashlight on his weapon on. But that's not the only big time screw up. According to a report in the the Daily News:

A member of the ESU sniper team safeguarding the tree-lighting center at the tourist magnet accidentally let loose a rifle round on Nov. 30.

It happened about 90 minutes after the ceremony, as the sniper teams were pulling out. The round hit a building and was found a block and a half away.

Four days earlier, an ESU detective getting out of his vehicle to respond to a report of a barricaded gunman accidentally fired a shotgun in Harlem.

The blast went through an apartment window on W. 136th St. As in the Rockefeller Center incident, no one was injured.

Even if you're not a heavily armed fugitive, if you see the ESU coming your way, hit the pavement and start praying.

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