Having failed to sell his "disaster" of a TV show, Eric Schmidt is now shopping a book proposal. Because, honestly, what else is Google's CEO going to do? Oversee the biggest, most profitable and indispensable site on the internet? Please.

Schmidt's "wonky" book Empire of the Mind will be written "with" (read: by) Jared Cohen, a 30-year-old Rhodes Scholar and counterterror adviser to Condi Rice and Hillary Clinton, Crain's reports. Publisher bids are due Tuesday. Schmidt reportedly spent 2010 shopping his TV show, when he wasn't busy falling behind Facebook, shutting down his mistress' blogs or saying amazingly creepy things on television. His extracurricular activities should only intensify, then, in 2011, what with him transitioning from CEO to "executive chairman" in April. Eric Schmidt Omnimedia, anyone?