From the winners to the losers, the "I'm an Actor!" introductions to the weird moments we just had to share with you, here's our video recap of last night's Screen Actor Guild Awards.

[There was a video here]

Here's the breakdown of selected moments, in order:

  • The first moments of the broadcast went to 30 Rock's Kenneth Parcel aka Jack McBrayer and his "I'm an Actor" speech.
  • Modern Family's Rico Rodriguez says he was "shy" when he was a kid. Isn't he still a kid?
  • Tina Fey mouths "I would do it" to the clip of Liz Lemon as she's being announced as a nominee. We would, too.
  • Melissa Leo had a hard time composing herself when it was time for her speech.
  • Amy Poehler describes Alec Baldwin's win as "the best actor in this category according to some people as of tonight."
  • To which Alec Baldwin babbles on about how Melissa Leo's speech (above) was an impression of Amy Poehler. Sure it was. By the way, this is his 5th consecutive win in this category.
  • Jon Hamm is upset that he didn't qualify for the award for "Outstanding Female Actor in a Comedy Series."
  • A stunned Betty White won. And it was adorable.
  • Until she found herself attracted to her statue.
  • The Social Network guys came out and had some technical difficulties, but Justin Timberlake handled it like a pro. Kind of.
  • Ernest Borgnine won his lifetime achievement award and it was adorable.
  • When Christian Bale won for best supporting actor, Mark Wahlberg told the man who the role was based on to go up with him. It was a surprise to Bale.
  • And finally, Mark Whalberg put poor Amy Adams through the ringer when she had to stand on stage while he rambled on and went off-script. Poor thing.

Did we forget any of your favorite moments? Let us know what we missed in the comments.