A cool place run by a cool guy exists in New York City, The New York Times reported on Sunday. The place, according to the Times, is cool because of the people who frequent it, as well as its amenities.

Some of the people who spend time in the cool place include designers, musicians, defense contractors, and people who use MacBooks, the Times wrote in an article in its Sunday Style section. A rapper is rumored to play music for a crowd on Fridays.

According to the Times' exclusive report, the people who frequent the cool place dress in a cool way.

The cool guy who is in charge of the cool place has a vision for the cool place, the Times found. He is not trying to be cool, and neither is the cool place. He is also in charge of cool places in two other cities, neither of which is New York.

The cool guy in charge of the cool place used to have a different, but similarly cool job, and was once interviewed by a cool magazine, which took photographs of the cool guy in a cool pose in a different cool place from the cool place that is the subject of the Times' story.

The cool place is also home to cool restaurants and cool shops.

Some of the cool objects inside the cool place include turntables, guitars, and at least one book about a cool designer. However, the Times noted, those cool objects are not the only reason the cool place is cool. The cool place is larger than other places, most of which are less cool than this place. It is also designed in a cool way.

Most importantly, according to the Times, the cool place is filled with cool people, who go to the cool place for reasons that are different from, and cooler than, the reasons that other, less-cool people go to other, less-cool places. There are at least three people who are not cool enough to frequent the cool place, including one "dating coach."

According to sources exclusive to the Times, some people do not think the cool place is very cool. A cool internet person thinks that the cool internet tools used inside the cool place by the cool people who go to the cool place are not as cool as those cool people believe they are. The cool internet person, in a statement to the Times, said that he may not, in fact, be cool enough to know if the cool place is cool.

A guy who used to be in charge of the cool place alongside the cool guy who is still in charge of the cool place thinks the place is not as cool as it used to be. In an interview with the Times, he revealed that the cool guy engaged in business with guys who were not cool, and acted in ways that were not cool. The guy who used to be in charge of the cool place is no longer working with the guy who is still in charge of the cool place, who may open similar cool places in other cool locations where cool people live and cool objects exist.

The cool guy in charge of the cool place owns a cool lamp, according to the Times.