Someone is annoyed with Dylan Zéroosiix's little brother. A menu on Facebook's French language version has been hacked to poke fun at le petit frère de Dylan Zéroosiix. This was made possible by Facebook's reliance on free, crowd-sourced translation.

Pressing the "report/block this person" button on the French version of Facebook brings up window, where you specify the reason you're reporting the person's profile:

Most of the options are normal: Inappropriate profile picture, fake profile, etc. But where "Inappropriate wall post" should be, it says instead: "En discution instantané, Le petit frère de Dylan Zéroosiix m'a insulter." Translation: "Dylan Zéroosiix's little brother insulted me in instant messenger."

And here's Dylan Zéroosiix, newly-famous among France's 20 million-or-so Facebook users:

How did this happen? Facebook relies on crowd-sourcing to improve translations for its foreign language versions. A translation will be used if it gets enough votes, apparently without review. Vote up a weird translation and you can game the system: In the past, the Turkish version was hacked so that users were notified of a botched instant message with, "Your message could not be sent because of your tiny penis." Good one!

This comes after French President Nicolas Sarkozy's fan page was hacked. Facebook should probably invest some of that sweet Goldman Sachs cash in a couple of French translators.

[via Sophos, Gizmodo France]