Want to catch up on the week's most popular web videos? From the greatest miniature gold shot of all time to an adorable Wisconsin man who adopts a cat who lives in a tree, our top picks inside.

Worst Idea: Filming a Speeding Train Running Over You
An insane person sets up a camera to film a full-speed train passing over him, as he lies flat on the tracks. Now that we're all caught up: Please don't try this at home. Please don't try this at home. The Greatest Miniature Golf Shot of All Time
Take one pink golf ball, one water fountain for it to float atop, one putter to strike it with, and one person to do said striking, and what do you have? You have the greatest putt-putt shot of all time. This Isn't How You're Supposed To Lift A Guy On A Stretcher
I don't know who this player is or how he hurt himself, but I do know this video is about five Leslie Nielsen movies rolled into one. Pakistani Cop Suspended For Doing "Awesome Stunts"
This now-suspended cop in Karachi, Pakistan happened upon a TV crew covering a protest and talked them into filming his spectacular "stunt" show. His reason? He wanted to show his wife how tough the job of a policeman is. Brilliant. Come Adopt a Cat at "Kitty Midnight Madness"
While it may not actually be a real event, this commercial for an all-night kitten sale makes me wish it were. Buy one kitten, get 5 free-you can't pass up a deal like that! Riders Trapped While Poor Girl Throws Up Uncontrollably on Roller Coaster
What's worse? Throwing up on a roller coaster while someone videotapes you or sitting next to someone throwing up on a roller coaster while someone videotapes you? Dazed and Confused in 120 Seconds
Everyone loves cult high school film Dazed and Confused. Luckily, some Fresh Prince of Bel Air-sounding guy has written a speedy rap summarizing the movie. Listen, and relive your memories. What It Looks Like When A Semi Almost Crashes Into You
What happens when a truck carrying 40 tons of sand loses control and crashes through an interstate barrier? As frightening as you might think, based on a dashcam from a nearby car. Surprisingly, no one was injured. Fan Upstages Mascot During Wizards Halftime Routine
To impress his date, this guy practically puts the Wizards' mascot G-man out of a job with his awesome halftime dunk. I think we can all agree it worked. Autistic Boy Branded A Cheater By Xbox Live
Julias Jackson is an 11-year-old boy living with autism, whose only real social interaction comes from playing online multiplayer games on Xbox Live, an activity that became more difficult when the Xbox Live team labeled him a cheater. Here is Michael Scott Meeting David Brent For the First Time
A longtime dream of many Office fans was realized this evening as two titans of industry finally happened upon each other in a hallway. The Gervais/Carell team up was exactly as glorious as you'd expect. ASU Student Dunks Ball, Self
Nick Corrales is on the Suns' little trampoliney-dunkey team, but overshot his mark Wednesday night. I think that's touching it above the cylinder, so it doesn't count. Why Knot?: A Kinetic Sculpture That Continuously Ties and Unties a Necktie
If you ever found it complicated to tie your own neck tie, then this kinetic sculpture by Seth Goldstein is for you. It took about five years to design and build, and soon it will be in a Philadelphia museum. Rare Footage of The Original King's Speech
In a rare clip of King George VI, played by Collin Firth in this year's The King's Speech, it's clear that his speech impediment was pretty severe. Now you can judge for yourself just how accurately he was portrayed in the film. Katie Couric: "Can You Explain What Internet Is?"
Here's a recently re-discovered oldie-and goodie!-to show how far technology has come in the last two decades. Watch this Today Show clip from 1994, featuring Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel's complete confusion about what, exactly, the Internet is. Strong Winds Force Rugby Kick Back Through Goal Post Like a Boomerang
A rugby player sets up to kick what looks to be a pretty easy three point attempt, but the wind clearly has other plans in mind. Will the points still count? Car Leaves Fire Tracks in Awesome Parking Lot Peel Out
A group of drivers gathered to show off their most badass peel outs. Watch as one car sets the competition ablaze. Tracy Morgan Shares Naughty Thoughts About Sarah Palin With The TNT Crew
Tracy Morgan made an appearance on TNT's pregame show at the Garden last night (as a handful of tipsters were kind enough to share). Of course, TNT later apologized. Watch a Shaolin Monk Throw a Needle Through Glass at 1000 Frames Per Second
We've all heard the expression a needle in a haystack, but what about a needle through a piece of glass? Sounds impossible? Watch this. Amy Poehler Explains Her Stock Photo Modeling Past
Last week, during a stock photo search using the word "volunteer," someone happened upon two pretty silly-looking photos from Amy Poehler's past. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Amy explained how the photos came to be. Cat Seeks Refuge From Playful Companion in Plastic Fortress
Here's a cat video to trump all other cat videos (until the next great cat video, at least). Watch as the kitten, Caro, attempts to extract the bigger cat, Miho, from a plastic fortress. Caro just wants to play! Hail Storm Destroys the Car of Amateur Storm Chasers
Driving into a severe hailstorm is all fun and games until someone loses an eye, so make sure you "shield your eyes!" if you attempt this on your own. The Most Unlikely Basket You'll See All Day, Unless Hasheem Thabeet Gets Garbage Time Minutes
Is this planned? Probably not planned. But if I'm the kid making this inbounds pass, I'm telling everyone this went off exactly the way it was drawn up. If Trains Had Porn, This Would Be It
How cool could a train video possibly be? Well, judging from this mesmerizingly beautiful video, VERY cool. Watch as a long-as-hell Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train makes its way through the foothills of the Rockies-like a boss. Adorable Kids Reenact Five of the Best Picture Nominated Films
Haven't gotten around to watching the Oscar nominated films yet? No problem. Simply watch these little tykes reenact five of the nominees and you won't miss a thing. Adorable Wisconsin Man Adopts Treebound Cat
When Ron Venden noticed that a kitten had been abandoned in a tree on his property, rather than call animal control, he named her Almond and began feeding her salami and meatloaf. She has yet to leave the tree. This 1 Minute Video Will Make You Hate Winter Forever
If you're not already completely bummed out by the snow and cold weather, watch this. I Guarantee You've Never Seen A Ball Ride The Rim This Long
Little Earl Boykins circles the drain for the rare 1440° mid-range jumper. I think the broadcast misses the entire second quarter while showing the super slo-mo replay. The Origins Of Pokémon (In Two Minutes)
The story of Pokémon is a long and ridiculous one. Cutting its origins down to a two-minute web animation saves us all a lot of trouble, heartache and having to actually watch an episode of the awful Pokémon cartoon series. Slow Motion Dachshund Puppy Plays in Snow
Last week we met the adorable Iso for a slow motion game of fetch. This week Iso returns to frolic in the snow in slow motion. Or, snow motion. Talented Beatboxer Goes Through the History of Hip Hop
Watch French beatboxer EKLIPS cycle through decades of hip-hop in this electrifying performance. Can you name all the songs he samples? Ashley Madison Ad Yanked From Super Bowl
After reports that Ashley Madison, the cheaters website, was angling to run a spot during the Super Bowl, we've finally heard: FOX rejected it. (Slightly NSFW) What if Pixar's Up Was Made in the 1960s?
See old of footage Spencer Tracy, Kirk Douglas, and even a low-tech Kevin the bird spliced together by Ivan Guerrero to create this impressive live-action "premake" of Up. Playing XBox Kinect Could Lead to Accidental Child Abuse
Here you have all the ingredients for a disaster - a very physical video game, an intensely focused dad, and a little kid whose face just happens to be within accidental smacking range. What if Seinfeld Was a Dramatic Movie About World Takeover?
There will probably never be a Seinfeld movie, but this is a good consolation! Here's a fake-and incredibly impressive-trailer for Jerry the Great, about Seinfeld's desire to take over the world. Watch a Very Thirsty Plant Return to Life Before Your Eyes
This time-lapse video shows a dehydrated plant completely revived in thirty minutes after being watered. Don't Interrupt This Kid When He's Making a Sandwich
This kid takes the art of sandwich making seriously and wants to show the world his love for turkey and cheese on toast. It turns out he also knows how to make a knuckle sandwich. Mischievous Kangaroo Kicks Unsuspecting Bystander Into Lake
Moral of the story: never turn your back on a kangaroo. How to Do Almost Anything Faster
Are you busy? Would some extra time each day help you? If so, then watch the following-massive!-compilation of tips/tricks for getting things done faster, from tying shoelaces, to wrapping tangle-free cords, to peeling potatoes, and so much more! Is This School Bus Driver Fearless or Just an Idiot?
Don't try this at home! Actually, don't try it anywhere-ever. Anyway, here's a four-minute video of a Nicaraguan school bus driver literally fording a raging river. Twice! Ronaldinho Does A Goal From Behind The Goal
This is more like it! None of your sexist pundit stuff here - just MAD SKILLZ! The Smallest and Most Precise Missile In the US Arsenal
At only 2.75 inches in diameter, the Direct Attack Guided Rocket-DAGR, pronounced dagger-is designed to be the bread-and-butter air-to-surface weapon in the US arsenal. Here's Video Of A Lady Draining An 85-Foot Three Pointer
University of the Cumberlands guard Stephanie Quattrociocchi's highlight-reel shot gave her team a 34-27 halftime lead over Campbellsville U. Dr. Laura Pranked, Berated And Hacked By Howard Stern Fans
Dr. Laura's still criticizing Howard Stern - and now his fans have struck back by calling her show with various pranks, insults, and obscenities. They even hacked her Wikipedia page. Oh, it's on. Hearing This Voicemail-and Knowing That It Went to the Wrong Person-Will Make You Cry
Stop whatever you're doing right now and go tell your dear ones that you love them. You'll be glad you did once you listen to this voicemail recording. Cat Piano iPad App Approximates Katy Perry's Voice With Surprising Fidelity
This oddly enjoyable cover of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" is made entirely with iPad apps, including an app called Cat Piano playing the vocal melody. As YouTube commenter miesvanderrobot notes, it's "actually surprisingly apt." Rats Now Riding the Subway Like Regular Passengers
Millions of rats living on the NYC subway tracks don't faze New Yorkers in the least. But recently, the rats have started venturing onto slumbering passengers. And now: alarming video evidence shows that rats consider themselves normal subway riders. Watch the Heartbreaking Audition From American Idol
On tonight's American Idol, a 26-year-old Illinois man named Chris Medina auditioned before the judges. Accompanying Medina was his severely brain-damaged fiancée, Julia Ramos, who-post-audition-also met the judges. A Breakdown of the Visual Effects Used in Black Swan
Trailer Addict gives us a step-by-step breakdown of the special effects used in Black Swan. What, you didn't think that Natalie Portman actually grew quills on her skin, did you? Cinematic Proof People Only Say "It's Showtime" in the Movies
When's the last time you've heard someone yell, "It's showtime!" to a crowd? Chances are you were watching a movie because does anyone every actually yell that out in real life? Here is probably where you heard it. Last Week's Best Videos Ever of The Week
Want to catch up on the week's most popular web videos? From Ricky Gervais' uncomfortable Golden Globes monologue to how not to rescue someone from a frozen lake, our top picks inside.