Now that Comcast is officially taking over NBC Universal today, the cable company has unveiled a horrible new logo for the famed broadcaster. The response hasn't been too kind. But we know you can come up with something better!

Seriously? This thing is just a blue block with a bunch of letters in the middle. A five-year-old with a laptop and Paintshop could have done a better job. Who did they hire to come up with this, the same firm that botched Gap's new logo? The old one wasn't that horrible. It had NBC's traditional peacock and a fun little circle thing in the middle. Yea, it looked like your standard issue corporate emblem. But it was a lot better than its idiotic replacement.

It's your turn to show the graphic design whizzes at NBC Universal-Comcast that you can do better. Come up with something good and post it in the comments below. Maybe if you come up with something really, really good, Comcast will call you up this weekend and buy it off of you.