The ladies played nice for the most part tonight, and it looks like the major drama is next week. Adrienne and Lisa were the voices of reason, but the Q&A period that kicked the reunion off was interestingly revealing.

The questions written in from viewers were pretty tough, from plastic surgery to the cost of a gallon of milk. It really is amazing that these ladies can probably spit out prices for this season's Gucci bags, but some of the Real Housewives are completely oblivious to the price of a gallon of milk.

[There was a video here]

Zing Lisa! Even Andy was a little surprised by Lisa's girlfriend comment referring to Kelsey. After touching on the divorce, the ladies delved into another topic entirely-the things people have to say about Camille, and Camille's surrogates.

[There was a video here]

Taylor had some interesting thoughts on people's reactions to Camille. An argument that so many reality stars seem to make is that ridicules made by bloggers and commenters are awful and unwarranted, especially since 'they' don't actually know the cast.

No one wants to be berated by an audience, but it's not a secret that these criticisms and portions of unwanted fame come with signing up to be on television. By choosing not to lead a private life-you willingly open yourself to ridicule. This isn't an excuse for people to be mean via the internet, but it's something most budding reality stars have to expect.

Next week looks juicy, even some of the husbands make appearances. Andy as always looks dapper though, and ready for all of the drama.