This evening's Piers Morgan Tonight featured megachurch pastor Joel Osteen and his Stepford wife Victoria. When Morgan switched the subject to homosexuality, Osteen—declaring it a "sin" and comparing it to an "addiction"—contradicted and offended on multiple levels.

Here's the relevant portion of the interview:

[There was a video here]

OK, so now that we've all watched, let's break this down a bit, shall we?

Osteen (and his wife, for that matter) is quick to declare homosexuality "a sin," but—at the same time—notes that he "[doesn't] judge" because "there are plenty of other sins in the "Bible." Uh, OK? When was the last time Osteen declared his opposition to those who work on the Sabbath (like he does) or shave their beards? Ugh.

Or what about the fact that Osteen—the one who doesn't judge or bash, remember—also, without any evidence of even a shred of contemplation, affirmed his opposition to civil partnerships. So, he thinks that civil partnerships are "wrong" because the Bible told him so (la la la), but he's still trying to act like he doesn't judge?

Oh! Or what about the part when Osteen compared being gay to having a drug addiction, and noted that "God can give us grace to change"? What about that part?

Hey, but at least his wife just loves Elton John!


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