Today at Gawker.TV, Jesse Eisenberg produces snooze-worthy SNL promos, the debut of Joan and Melissa Rivers' reality show, and James Franco channels 127 Hours and gets his arm stuck in a mini-fridge backstage at the Daily Show.

James Franco's Arm Gets Trapped in a Daily Show Mini-Fridge
Last night on the Daily Show, the interview was with none other than James Franco. In a twist of fate—or more realistically, a nod to his Oscar nominationFranco's hand got "stuck" (127 Hours-style) backstage in the green room.

Joan & Melissa Rivers Are Back With Their Own Reality Show
While you were busy tuning in to the State of the Union, the rest of us were watching the series premiere of Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?, the mother-daughter duo's new reality show. This is what you missed.

Watch Jesse Eisenberg's Awkwardly Endearing Saturday Night Live Promos
Bill Hader and Jesse Eisenberg have a friendly-but-boring exchange in these two new promos for this weekend's SNL. If this is the kind of humor we have to look forward to on Saturday, maybe we'll go out instead.

Piers Morgan and Chelsea Handler Exchange a Few Low-Blows About Each Other
Chelsea opened the interview by congratulating Piers on his new gig because it's a "Step up from America's Got Talent." From there, it continued to the eventual discussion of being replaced by David Hasselhoff and 50 Cent.

Yvette Nicole Brown Talks About Her Size: "I Eat For America"
As a result of her interview on The View today, we've discovered some new reasons to love Community's Yvette Nicole Brown. Her shining moment, though, was her defense of "bigger" women in Hollywood.