"I was at a basketball game tossing in the ball (#34) and #3 hit my eye and I punched him." So says Evan, who recently uploaded this video of him punching an opponent during a youth basketball game gone awry.

[There was a video here]

We've edited out the first, unrelated portion of the video (likely shot by Evan's mother, as evidenced by her "What?!" reaction—not dissimilar to the Chili's lady—after her son is given the boot) so that you can get right to the good part.

Watch closely as Evan (#34) is guarded by his victim (#3) before he makes an inbound pass to a teammate. Immediately after making the pass, at around the :06 mark, Evan casually socks his unsuspecting victim in the face. BOOM.

We're not even sure what the funniest thing about this is, really. Is it the fact that #3 never even touches Evan's eye (as he accused him of in the video's description), the punch itself, his mother's shocked reaction to the ejection, the fact that he uploaded the whole thing to the Internet, or something entirely different?

We report, you decide.