Well, this is weird. Florida authorities are stumped as to how a charred grand piano—weighing 650 pounds—appeared on the high point of a sandbar in Miami's Biscayne Bay. They're not going to remove it, either! Here's a video.

And here's some more information—er, lack of information—courtesy CNN:

"We don't know how the piano got out there, we don't know who's responsible for putting the piano out there and at this point it's clearly a mystery," said Jorge Pino of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

And for now, it's staying put. Authorities told CNN they have no plans to remove it.

"What will probably happen is that the piano will just disintegrate because of the salt water and the salt air," said Pino, adding that it will not harm the wildlife.

The finding has struck a chord with residents and tourists, inspiring some to board their boats and check it out. But if they're planning to perform a concerto, their hopes will likely fall flat.

"This piano's so banged up you can't even bang out any tunes on it," reported Andre Hepkins of CNN affiliate WSVN, as he stood on the sandbar attempting to tickle the ivories.

The Miami Herald first alerted Pino to the mysterious piano last week, Pino told CNN.

Obviously, conspiracy theories are abound as to how the mystery piano first got to where it currently sits. Was it a prank? A discarded instrument from an incensed musician? A ghost?

Feel free to put forth your own explanation in the comments!

Update: A couple of indie filmmakers have taken responsibility for the piano.

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