While most members of Congress politely sat through the president's speech last night, and many of them with members from across the aisle, one congressman sat in his office tweeting idiotic nothings about Barack Obama's socialism. Meet Rep. Paul Broun!

Broun, a Tea Party guy from Georgia, found the unofficial bipartisan seating last night to be too "kissy-kissy." We're partial to these arguments! On the other hand, maybe he could've just sucked it up and sat in the damn chamber for the State of the Union, like everyone else? Never. He had to fire out these important tweets from his office, presumably while naked:

Keep in mind that this was the speech in which Obama doubled-down on his support for the "education reform" movement, suggested a lengthy freeze on non-military spending, and proposed cutting the corporate tax rate.

But the best one was a little further down: "All children will be poor if we continue with Obama's policies." Poor! That doesn't go nearly far enough. All children will die if we continue with Obama's policies, congressman. Try to be a little sharper when you're in your remote Twitter cave for next year's speech.

[via Salon, photo of Broun via AP]