Tea Party zombie Rep. Michele Bachmann delivered a rebuttal to Obama's State of the Union address last night, and besides lacing it with all sorts of nonsense about rising debt and Iwo Jima, she didn't look into the right camera.

Crazy Eyes starts out by saying "I want to thank the Tea Party Express and Tea Party HD... I'm here at their request and not to compete with the official Republican remarks." Ok. But what the hell is Tea Party HD? Well, it's "a TV and Internet Network devoted to covering the unreported news, a network that delivers live HD quality television, time-shifted programming, video to social sites and the web." We can only hope that they start producing gun rights reality shows, and maybe even some reeducation programs for the kids. But first, Tea Party HD's highly-skilled producers need to tell their stars to look into the right camera.

Bachmann's message was standard Tea Party fare: The Environmental Protection Agency is bad. Oil companies are good. And can't we just get rid of all these nasty regulations? After all, we're Americans, and American corporations can be trusted to always do the right thing. And Americans fought and died on Iwo Jima in 1945 just like we're fighting today against rising debt (wait, what?). And isn't it about time we repealed this commie "Obamacare" bullshit?

There you go, America. A lesson in responsible (but small and non-intrusive!) government from Michele Bachmann, who is putting out the feelers for a run at the White House. Stayed tuned to Tea Party HD for details.