Today at Gawker.TV, last night Stephen Colbert dedicated his hair to Keith Olbermann while Craig Ferguson dedicated his monologue to him and this morning, the Today Show interviewed Colin Firth and James Franco one-after-the-other with fairly disastrous results.

James Franco Begins an Oscar Rivalry With Colin Firth
Today James Franco gave a remote interview from school in Connecticut. After being forced to listen to the anchors interview Colin Firth in his ear before his interview, he called Matt and Meredith out on the faux-pas. It. Is. On.

Craig Ferguson Dedicates Some Monologue Time to Keith Olbermann's Dismissal from MSNBC
The Late Late Show host was on fire last night when he tackled Keith Olbermann's exit from MSNBC. This clip begins with his statement that CBS stands for "Cantankerous, Bewildered Seniors" and ends with remarks on cable news "spinning right-round."

Here's Colin Firth's Today Show Interview About His Oscar Nominations
You know, the one that irked James Franco so badly when he gave his interview to Matt and Meredith right afterward. Meredith offers her extra-friendly services by telling Firth "when you get the statue, I'll polish it for you." Zing!

Stephen Colbert Tries to Absorb Keith Olbermann's Power and Essence
Just like he did upon Gene Shalit's retirement, Stephen Colbert attempted to absorb Keith Olbermann's powers Highlander-style. Unfortunately, Stephen's body rejects Keith's essence and into his coffee cup, turning it into "Keith Olbermug."

The Soup on Regis' Retirement, Snook-a-likes, and Oprah's Obsession With Jon Stewart
Those who frequently watch The Soup likely thought about Joel's reaction upon hearing the news of Regis Philbin's retirement. Said he, "I'm happy for Regis, he's been wanting to vacate his stool for years."