Another great move by deeply beloved and totally secure ABC News chief Ben Sherwood: he's reportedly hiring Dan Abrams. Yes, Dan Abrams, the current owner of a PR firm. To do some anchoring, there at ABC! How does that work?

Politico reports that Abrams—who enjoys a "long-standing relationship with ABC News President Ben Sherwood"—will be joining ABC News as a legal analyst on Good Morning America, as well as "some fill-in anchor duties on the weekend broadcast of 'Good Morning America' and other opportunities across the news networks programs."

This is the same Dan Abrams who owns not only a mini blog empire, but also a PR firm. He is a PR firm owner, who will be doing some anchoring at ABC News! Dan prefers to call his firm, Abrams Research, a "consulting" firm, but we invite you to peruse its list of services—"digital and social media strategy," "creative digital campaigns," "social audience building," SEO, etc.—and then compare them to the services offered by a modern PR firm. Abrams Research is a PR firm, whether you call it one or not. (We've emailed Abrams and ABC News for comment and we'll update if they speak to us.)

Anyhow, great week for Ben Sherwood so far!

[Politico, photo via Getty]