Here's depressing news from our nation's most depressing state. Residents of Flagler County, FL are eagerly awaiting the opening of a two-in-one Red Lobster/Olive Garden restaurant, hoping it will provide much needed jobs and revitalize a struggling community.

For the first time, Orlando-based Darden Restaurants is combining two of its most popular chains. Red Lobster with Olive Garden in one building.

More importantly, it's expected to bring in new jobs to an area struggling to put people to work.

Two teens showed up to see if they were hiring yet, which is expected to happen in the next two weeks.

"Everybody is going to try to get these jobs. It's the new business in town and everybody's going to be looking for a job here," said job hopeful Tyler Rush.

There's nothing funny about people being out of work, nothing at all. But that it's a combination of a Red Lobster, home of the 1,280-calorie Admiral's Feast, and an Olive Garden, land of the 1,440-calorie Chicken Alfredo, that a struggling Florida community is turning to as its last best hope is the kind of thing that... well, just sigh. Sigh. I hope you get the job, Tyler. I hope everyone does.

[CF News, via the real david]