HCG is a human hormone made during pregnancy. It's also a popular ingredient in diet potions. It's also a total fraud. Sorry, Carmen Electra!

It's weird cause you would think that something as scientific-sounding as "human chorionic gonadotropin" would really work on those love handles, right? Sadly, no. HCG is supposed to be a magic appetite suppressant that allows users to eat an extremely low number of calories per day. In fact—even though it costs a god damn fortuneit is crap.

HCG began being used for weight loss in the 1950s when a British physician had a theory that it could help people on a near-starvation diet not feel hungry. "Since then, a lot of research and clinical trials debunked that theory." ...

Because HCG is a peptide hormone, it would be broken down by the stomach and rendered ineffective, [a supplement expert] says.

Ha, more than 50 years after some quack made up a false and thoroughly debunked theory, Americans are still paying outrageous sums for products sold on the premise that that theory is true. It's almost as if we are all scientifically illiterate (as well as overweight).

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