If there are two things that reactionary tabloid sexpot Andrea Peyser enjoys, they are moralizing voyeurism of sexxxy teens, and blanket condemnations of Muslims. Can she combine both in one sexxxy, finger-wagging, drool-flecked column? This is America! (Yes.)

Andrea Peyser has already gone on the record condemning very specific hot teen sex acts, and even publicly disapproved of teens tapping that. So it's no surprise she would jump lustily at the chance to condemn MTV's Skins, while listing all of its hot teen sexxx acts. But is there an opportunity to smear terrorist Muslims, as well?

In "Skins," newbie actors go from fictional dysfunctional homes, headed by redneck dads and red-hot mamas, to churches and mosques — yes, there's even a practicing Muslim character who openly yearns for "girl-on-girl" action, then notes that his angry imam wants to "stone me to death." That should play well at Ground Zero.

Honestly don't understand the above paragraph. Sorry.