George Clooney is never getting married. Kelsey Grammer's daughter is, though. Mena Suvari wants babies. Nicki Minaj got kicked out of her hotel. Sunday Gossip Roundup is like a bowl of bacon, except the bacon is gossip.

  • George Clooney says he will never get married again. He's been dating Italian model Elisabetta Canalis for a while, but told Piers Morgan "I was married, so I gave it a shot." Apparently Clooney already was married to actress Talia Balsam from 1989-1993 and now he says he will never get married ever again? This is great news for ladies worldwide! What a cad; we all know he's a permabachelor, but does he have to rub it in so much? Clooney's last words, on his death bed, will be "No one woman can contain me." [US Weekly]
  • Here's news: 1) Kelsey Grammer has a daughter named Spencer Grammar 2) said daughter is getting married. Her mom is isn't Camille Grammer from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. [Popeater]
  • Mena Suvari wants two babies. "Everybody wants a child. I want at lease two children, maybe in another year or so. Who knows, I might end up having five and being this crazy woman with all these children." No! Then you'll turn into a slightly-less-crazy Octomom! (See last gossip roundup item.) [People]
  • Joey Kovar, some guy from Real World: Holywood is getting naked in Playgirl for $20,000. This seems like a depressingly small amount for displaying your junk. Deflation? [TMZ]
  • Nicki Minaj got kicked out of her London hotel. For being too awesome and famous. She had to leave after a huge crowd of paparazzi and fans formed, posing a security risk. They really love Nicki in England. [Yahoo!]

Jamie Pressly got busted for a DUI on January 5; but she also owes over $600,000 in Federal and state taxes. Oof, this story reminds us that we have to do our taxes! Honestly, some days it seems federal prison is almost the better choice. [Radar]

  • Zsa Zsa Gabor has been released from the hospital after having part of her leg amputated, but will remain bedridden for two months. [TMZ]
  • James Franco wore a huge blond wig at a party promoting his Three's Company documentary at Sundance. Is there anything that guy can't/won't do? [People]
  • Octomom Nadya Suleman's neighbors are snitching on her because she's too loud. TMZ interviewed one woman who complained that Suleman's kids and her own crazy laugh are keeping her family up. TMZ even has an audio tape that's supposedly what it sounds like to live next to the Octopod. Good neighbors build fences, then install targeted listening devices on top of those fences to make recordings for gossip blogs. [TMZ]