Did you know that you can get high on bath salts? It's true. In fact, bath salts get you so high that states are considering a ban, because bath salt abuse causes "hallucinations, paranoia, rapid heart rates and suicidal thoughts."

The AP today looks at the fun sounding act of getting high on bath salts, which contain the stimulants mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV). These chemicals are what attract druggies, like Neil Brown, who "got high on bath salts, took his skinning knife and slit his face and stomach repeatedly." Okay, so maybe it's not so fun sounding. Actually, it's horrifying:

Dr. Richard Sanders, a general practitioner working in Covington, La., said his son, Dickie, snorted some of the bath salts and endured three days of intermittent delirium. Dickie Sanders missed major arteries when he cut his throat. As he continued to have visions, his physician father tried to calm him. But the elder Sanders said that as he slept, his son went into another room and shot himself.


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