Jim Carrey gets a new, model sweetheart. Bill Clinton hangs with Cameron Diaz. What's Oprah's big secret? Justin Bieber's hair costs slightly less than rumored. Saturday Gossip Roundup is hanging out with a big bowl of waffles.

  • Looks like Jim Carrey is doing fine after his breakup with Jenny McCarthy. He was spotted with former America's Next Top Model contestant Anchal Joseph after the two saw Laura Linney's new play Time Stands Still. (She's 25 years younger than Carrey.) Sure, she's attractive, but what's her stance on autism and vaccines? [Radar]
  • Bill Clinton chilled with Cameron Diaz and her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, in Miami Beach during a "dinner with friends." Also in attendance were a bunch of other famous rich people, but Clinton spent the most time chatting with Diaz and Rodriguez, cause he's a huge fan of The Mask, apparently. And of course he appreciates all of Cameron Diaz's great work helping the people of Haiti... enjoy her performance in There's Something About Mary. [P6]
  • A makeup artist stepped on Jill Zarin's dog, Ginger, during the filming of Betty White's 89th birthday celebration. The dog is OK. The dog is OK! [P6]
  • Oprah is going to reveal a giant secret that "literally shook to my core" on her show on Monday. What do you think the secret's going to be? That she accidentally caused an earthquake while using her special digging machine to tunnel into the lower reaches of the Earth? (This is where Oprah replenishes her spunk—from the fires at the earth's molten core.) Whatever it is, it better not be The Secret. Shit is so dumb. [Radar]
  • Halle Berry's ex-husband, Eric Benet, just got engaged to a woman who is not Halle Berry. How would you like the task of being someone's rebound from Halle Berry? It'd be like trying to plan a super exciting trip for one of the Apollo astronauts. Although, to be fair, Benet's new wife, Manuela Testolini, used to be married to Prince. [People, Popeater]
  • Justin Bieber's stylist told Life & Style that it costs $750 per salon visit to maintain his famous hair—which, since she cuts his hair every two weeks, adds up to $18,000 a year. But Bieber's rep denied this, likely to protect Justin from the wrath of every service employee who makes less than it allegedly costs to maintain Bieber's mop. [E!]
  • Something else is happening in the case of Dawn Holland, the Betty Ford Clinic employee who claimed she was abused by Lindsay Lohan. She apparently cut a $25,000 deal not to testify against Lilo, but never got the money. Now Michael Lohan says she didn't get the money because she got "greedy," demanding that Lindsay set the record straight in a public interview and other things. At this point, maybe Dawn and Lindsay should just start dating. [Radar]