Want to catch up on the week's most popular web videos? From Ricky Gervais' uncomfortable Golden Globes monologue to how not to rescue someone from a frozen lake, our top picks inside.

1. Watch Ricky Gervais' Extremely Uncomfortable Golden Globes Monologue
Holy wow. Ricky Gervais, the host of tonight's Golden Globes, just opened the show with one of the most unrelentingly harsh and uncomfortable monologues in awards show history-there was even a Tom Cruise/John Travolta gay joke!

2. Watch Dozens Of Cars Crash On Iciest Hill Ever
First, watch this video from yesterday out of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, as cars fly out of control down an icy hill, crashing into hapless parked cars below. Then be happy you don't live on this hill.

3. Video Game Reduced to 30 Seconds of Disapproving Moms
Electronic Arts' latest Dead Space 2 campaign is brilliant. Why? Because it uses the power of the disapproving mom to sell violent video games.

4. Japanese Children go Absolutely Nuts Over SpongeBob SquarePants Happy Meal Toys
In this Japanese commercial for McDonald's three children are absolutely thrilled beyond their wildest dreams that they just received SpongeBob SquarePants toys in their Happy Meals.

5. Reporter Injures Self, Studio Hosts Pretend To Be Concerned
Dodger Stadium is hosting a motocross event, and one local reporter decided to take a bike out for a spin. His crash isn't nearly as amusing as the awkwardness that follows.

6. Five Year Old Performs the Creepiest Version of Cutie Patootie You'll Hear All Day
If you thought Toddlers and Tiaras was creepy just wait until you watch Little Eden singing "Cutie Patootie" on The Talk slowed down as if she's robotripping.

7. The Most Fun You Can Have With Boiling Water
What happens when you toss boiling water high into the -22F air? A giant cloud of snowball's worth of fun. The Northwest Territories haven't since this much excitement since the Klondike gold rush, am I right?

8. Thousands of African Fisherman Empty a Lake Full of Fish in Seconds
Watch as thousands of Fisherman rush into a small lake in a frantic frenzy to empty it's contents in only a matter of seconds.

9. Comedian: Rich Guy's Giving Me a Million Dollars Just Because I Asked
Craig Rowin is a Brooklyn comedian who writes for The Onion. Last November, he posted this Youtube video that simply asked for some rich person to give him a million dollars. Now he says: someone is. Really, Craig Rowin? Really?

10. Do You Have the Stomach to Ride this Combination Merry Go Round Ferris Wheel?
Inventor Thomas Casey shows off his design for an amusement park ride called the "Rings of Saturn." Try not to get queasy just by watching the miniature version of it spin.

11. Watch 365 Days of Growing a Beard
Ricky Coates documented the entire year that he didn't shave with a portrait a day. Watch the video of his transformation from clean cut dude to ZZ Top band mate.

12. Four and a Half Minutes of Leonardo DiCaprio Losing His Shit
We've already seen the glorious infographic of Leo's crying career, so why not take a look at his acting chops when it comes to completely losing his mind? Evidence of Leonardo DiCaprio being every casting director's dream, inside.

13. JWoww's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Ex
On last night's episode, it was revealed that JWoww's ex-boyfriend might be a monster after he moved out of her home leaving behind her dogs, who had to fend for themselves for days, locked in a house with no ventilation.

14. The Most Efficient Way to Administer 3 Nutshots at Once
These kids have to be the dumbest group of friends since the cast of Jackass.

15. Watch this Short Video to Help Find the Owners of a Lost Roll of Film
After Todd Bieber found an undeveloped roll of film in Brooklyn's Prospect Park he made it his mission to find the owners. In his quest for adventure he made this short video in an attempt to reconnect with the them.

16. Lady Who Fell into Fountain at Mall While Texting Threatens to Sue
After falling into a mall fountain while texting, Cathy Cruz Marrero now wants to sue the mall for not coming to her aid quickly enough.

17. The Complete Guide to Natalie Portman's Laugh
In case you missed the Golden Globes on Sunday, Natalie Portman told a not-funny joke during her acceptance speech and then let out a horrendous cackle. Naturally the hivemind of the internet latched onto it and a meme's been born.

18. Tennis Player Breaks Racket in Incredible Show of Strength
Tennis pro Agnieszka Radwańska breaks her racket during a return and manages to keep a straight face while simultaneously discovering she has super powers.

19. How Sneaky Bastard Thieves Steal Laptops
Watch this cunning scoundrel using his feet to move that bag until it's near enough to steal the laptop inside. Also, notice the sucker not paying attention. Next time you're in a public place, don't be that sucker: Watch your stuff.

20. Keanu Reeves Addresses His "Sad Keanu" Meme in BBC Interview
Keanu Reeves gave an official response to the "Sad Keanu meme" on the BBC: "I mean, do I wish I didn't get my picture taken while I was eating sandwich on the streets of New York? Yeah."

21. Tipsy Girl at Party Smashes Into a Wall
Just as the guy filming thought it was about to be his lucky night, his female friend promptly faceplants on the wall. The combination of alcohol and "smile for the camera!" was a bit too difficult at that moment.

22. LED Fronts Give You A Really, Really Bright Smile
No one tell Kanye West: Gold fronts are out. Diamond teeth? So 2010. Hot for 2011: Electronic grins.

23. The Evolution of Nicolas Cage's Hair
Say what you will about the guy's acting skills, but Nic Cage's hair has a wide array of styles. The folks at Pajaba have put together a video taking us all the way from Valley Girl to his latest movies.

24. Watch The Woman Addicted To Eating Couch Cushions
Joining the bizarre circus that constitutes the entire genre of reality TV is TLC's My Strange Addiction. Last night's episode featured a 30-year-old woman who has eaten seven couches and two chairs-and she can't stop.

25. If All Superheroes Were Hipsters
If superheroes were all hipsters they'd probably tweet, take art exams and knew about Mars way before it was "cool". Hopefully, this isn't the next big reinvention in superhero films despite the obvious comedic potential.

26. Mind-Fi will Help You Break Free from Being Stuck in a Constant "Technology Loop"
If you constantly check Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Netflix, software updates, and text messages you may be stuck in a "technology loop", in fact you may be trapped in one this very moment and you don't even realize it.

27. This Clock Will Create More Time for You to Eat Your Lunch
The lunchtime clock slows down every day 20% at 11:00 and speeds up 20% at 11:48 until it rights itself at 1:00. This gives you an extra 12 minutes of lunchtime to enjoy. That's a full hour a week!

28. Is This Guy Bloody Crazy Nuts or What?
Famous surfer Mark Visser got his board and a couple helicopters to Jaws, the huge wave reef on Maui Island, Hawaii. Then, at night, he tried to kill himself. I mean, he went out surfing 40-foot waves at night.

29. Goofy New Technology Will Allow You to Watch 3-D Movies Without Glasses
Forget those insufferable shades. Inventors Post and Vogel have discovered a new way to view the third dimension. Simply attach blue teeth to your head, promptly lose control of your facial muscles, and commence to blinking back and forth repeatedly.

30. This Is Why You Shouldn't Bring Your Cat with You to Yoga
If you like to do yoga to stay fit, or sane, or whatever, then you might want to take a lesson from this video: don't bring your cat with you, because-if you do-it just may scratch your crotch.

31. Kinect Player Kicks Cat Into Camera - Fake Or Not Fake?
A cat innocently wanders by his owner playing Kinect, and is accidentally kicked across the room directly into the camera. Do you want to watch that? Hell yeah! But is it fake? You make the call!

32. Woodpecker Clearly Doesn't Know When to Stop Messing with This Snake
Sometimes it takes a little while for things to sink in, like being bitten by a snake multiple times.

33. Vending Machine Scans Your Face and Chooses Food For You
Kraft has invented a vending machine that analyzes your face to predict what you want to eat. It combines facial recognition with other data to give you a snack, or email a recipe and shopping instructions. Creepy or cool?

34. What a Flying Arrow Sees In Its Rear View
There aren't many things that look more calm and graceful than an arrow piercing the sky. But when you have the vantage point of a tiny camera mounted on that same arrow's back? Suddenly everything's a lot more... wobbly.

35. Dueling Cellos Play Smooth Criminal
Here's an amazing rendition of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal played on two cellos. It's crazy how well they capture the intensity of the song, too bad it's so hard to grab your crotch with a cello between your legs.

36. Fox News 11 Reports on Internet Trolling
They are quite possibly the meanest and most annoying people online, they are called trolls and LA's Fox 11 News wants to tell you all about them.

37. Acid-Tripping Housewife Can 'See All the Molecules'
As every college student knows, there is almost nothing funnier than watching a person try to narrate her acid trips. Especially when that person is a housewife in the year 1956. As she says, "I can see all the molecules!"

38. This is How to Not Rescue Someone Stuck in a Frozen Lake
When a bicyclist decides to test his luck riding on a frozen lake and inevitably falls through, his friends come to the rescue. They manage to finally get him out but not after all getting trapped themselves.

39. What Dumb, Dangerous Games Are Kids Playing These Days?
Apparently kids today are engaging in "vodka eyeballing" - which, horrifyingly, is exactly what it sounds like. Let's take a tour of some other dangerous kids' games, and whether they're actually harmful.

40. Insane Russian Street Bike Rider is Insane
Nicknamed the "Black Devil of Moscow", this Russian madman weaves and wheelies his Yamaha R1 through Russian traffic at a pace that is hard to believe. We hope the Black Devil remains a continent away from our daily commute.

41. Guy Scoops Up a Handful of Wasps
This guy is either really brave or really, really stupid. Maybe the lack of audio is a deliberate attempt to hide his screams of pain. Seriously, who in their right mind grabs a handful of wasps?!

42. How to Do a J-Turn in the Snow
Among stunt-driving moves, none is as satisfying (and relatively safe) as a J-turn. Doing a J-turn on pavement takes some skill, but a snowy parking lot? That's like training wheels for J-turns. Here's how to do it.

43. Bart Scott's Uncanny Resemblance to the Weatherman from Family Guy
Could it possibly be that the voice behind the Ollie the weatherman on Family Guy is voiced over by none other than Jets inside linebacker Bart Scott? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

44. Woman Searches For Long-Lost Mother Spotted In Vintage Fitness Video
Friday we posted a film clip from 1945, in which women were pummeled and prodded by machines. On Saturday, we received a fascinating email regarding said video.

45. Watch What Happens When You Drop a Cat in Space
It's a timeless question that has been asked for centuries, what would happen if you dropped a cat in space? Would it land on all fours? This video has the answer.

46. How to Paint with Light
Painting with light-the process of illustrating or writing with light in a slow exposure photograph-is a pretty stunning effect that's surprisingly simple to accomplish. Here's how to do it.

47. The "Now, if You'll Excuse Me" Supercut
What do Mary Poppins, Garth Algar and Jean-Luc Picard have in common? Watch and find out.

48. Old Guy Performs Sexy Dance and Ignites New Basketball Arena Dance Craze
There's a new dance craze sweeping through Los Angeles and everyone from the very old people to the very young are doing it. It looks something like a cross between disco and completely inappropriate.

49. Watch a Defiant Ricky Gervais Defend His Golden Globes Jokes to Piers Morgan
Tonight, Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais gave his first interview since Sunday night's controversial show to Piers Morgan. Defiant as ever, Gervais not only defended his jokes, but even suggested that people were wrong to be offended.

50. How Much Helium is too Much Helium?
This is what happens when you inhale too much helium at once. Kids these days!

51. Time-Lapse Video of an Urban Igloo Being Built
Watch these guys build a multi-purpose, carpeted and sturdy igloo outside their house. Something we've all contemplated doing post-snowpocalypse. The best feature? The beer holders fashioned out of ice.

52. Kid Backflips Off the Top of a House, Doesn't Have a Smooth Landing
This young man thought it made sense to climb up to the roof of a house and backflip off of it. He hits the ground hard. I can't believe the cameraman and audience let him go through with this.

53. This is What Two Snoring Bulldogs Sound Like
Meet Star and Petunia, two bulldogs who surprisingly manage to sleep closely together yet mange not to wake each other up.

54. The Very Short And Entirely Fictional Movie About Nintendo 64 Cheat Codes
In this short film, the Nintendo 64 controller is so amazing it can input cheat codes that do the dishes and upgrade the N64 to an ... Xbox 360? Then a guy in a V for Vendetta mask shows up.

55. The Dangers of Handing a Rubber Snake to Your Grandmother
Lots of people are afraid of snakes, including grandmothers. So it's strongly advised you don't attempt to casually hand one off to one, real or fake.

56. British Politician Interrupted by His Own Musical Neck Tie
A British MP's request for a credible debate was cut off mid-sentence as music began to issue from his neck tie. Watch as the poor gentleman gets laughed at and chided in front of the entire House of Parliament.

57. The Dangers of Break Dancing with Cats
Cats are quite agile, so you'd think they'd make great break dancer partners but you'd be wrong.

58. Dachshund Puppy Plays Fetch in Slow Motion
Meet Iso. Watch as slow motion, a good soundtrack, and floppy ears turn play time into a golden, glorious romp with a chew toy.

59. Dog Joins Aussie Football Game and Plays Better Than the Rest of the Team
Watch a dog disrupt a rules football game between Ireland and Australia. Luckily, no one bothers to get the dog off the field and for a few entertaining minutes it outruns and outshines everyone else.

60. Corvette Owner Takes Burnout Contest To Fiery End
At last year's Envy Frenzy car show in Kingston, N.Y., the owner of this rodded Corvette decided to engage in a few too many seconds of hot burnout action. Burning gas laughs at your silly fire hoses.

61. Giant Drunk Puppets Invade the Streets of Ireland
Now here is something you don't see every day, giant drunk puppets stumbling through the streets of Ireland.

62. Watch This Idiot Jump Off A Truck Into A Cactus
It's tough finding new ways to impress people with your stupidity, so this guy gets an "A" for originality... as well as dozens of needles in his skin... after jumping from a moving truck into a cactus.

63. The 30,000-Year-Old Cave That Descends Into Hell
There's a cave in France where no humans have been in 26,000 years. The walls are full of fantastic, perfectly-preserved paintings of animals, ending in a chamber full of monsters 1312-feet underground, where CO2 and radon gas concentrations provoke hallucinations.

64. Angry Driver Destroys Wheel Boot With Feet
There's a great moment in a Simpsons episode where Homer drives away with a wheel clamp still on his car, eventually borrowing a jackhammer to finish the job. Amazingly, this tough guy substitutes his feet for the jackhammer.

65. Watch Police Race Across London To Deliver Vital Organ
The London Metropolitan Police had just 35 minutes to get a donor liver 29 miles across central London. Here's the real video of them playing one deadly serious game of relay. Can the two Rover SD1 police cars make it?

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