In your blissful Friday media column: Jeff Zucker's last (really, this time) goodbye, Nick Summers leaves the NYO, the Boston Globe may finally have a buyer, and Newsmax is disturbingly strong.

  • Jeff Zucker sent his very last goodbye memo to his NBC peons, as he prepares to leave the company for good. Now he's off to ruin some other enterprise, possibly our nation's political system.
  • Have you heard what's happening with the Boston Globe? A 37 year-old Boston businessman wants to buy it from the New York Times Co.! And he has the support of some serious people! Boston papers in Boston hands, huzzah! Let this be a lesson: no New York company should ever buy anything in Boston.
  • Nick Summers, who's been the New York Observer's media reporter for just a few months, is leaving and returning to the NEW Newsweek, with Tina Brown. He worked at the OLD Newsweek previously. At least the NYO's "career launching pad" quality is still intact, sort of.
  • The new editorial director of right wing media thing Newsmax is Steve Coz, formerly of "Coz Media, a consulting firm that specialized in health marketing." Huh. (He's also the former editor of the National Enquirer.) Also, Newsmax's revenue was reportedly up 50% last year, we imagine due to Sarah Palin, somehow.

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